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CGTecnica is a company dedicated to BUILDING MANAGEMENT SERVICES, INTERIOR DESIGN AND CIVIL WORKS. We provide advisory services to individuals, entrepreneurs and to small and medium-sized businesses in the areas of opening business premises, real estate appraisal, expert legal advice, management of licenses, and any other management and technical support you may need. We frequently work alongside architects, collaborating in the drafting of their projects: economic analyses; preparation of measurements and financial estimates; selection of materials and construction systems; regulations, legislation and urban planning, etc. As a result of this constant collaboration we are ideally qualified to assist in selecting the architect best suited to your particular project such that its development will receive the best possible expertise. Aware of the fact that the success of a project is ultimately measured by the satisfaction of the client, you will have at your service our best interior designers, who, in accordance with the requirements of your project, will analyze, with the use of computer graphics, the optimal use of space, materials, colour, lighting and furnishings in order to ensure not only your own personal satisfaction and comfort, but also the ideal image. Finally, we shall apply all our expertise and experience to the management of your project, coordination of safety procedures, quality control and budgeting of the work, so as to fully comply with both the aims and budget of the project and current regulations and legislation. Nevertheless, if what you require is a fully comprehensive service of interior design, refurbishing, construction or civil engineering, including design and feasibility study, maintenance and after sales service, you can rely on our integrated project management and construction management services, and, in addition to the services previously outlined, we shall perform financial and feasibility studies and take charge of license management, procurement, receipt and after-sales management. Everything necessary to ensure the success of your project.

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AUIA, Ingeniería
Añon Gómez, Juan (AIC)
Calvo Soto, Ramón (AIC)
Campos González, Carlos
Carratalá Collado, Diego (Ombra arquitectos CB)
Corell Farinos, Vicente (Corell y Monfort Arquitectos)
Deltell Pastor, Juan (MDM Arquitectos)
Del Rey Aynat, Miguel (VAM 10)
González Móstoles, Vicente
Gradolí Martinez, Carmel (Inventario de arquitectura SL)
López-Tarruella Maldonado, Juan
Lozano Portillo, Ana (Arquitectura Mediterránea Contemporánea)
Lozano Velasco, Jose Mª (Arquitectura Mediterránea
Martinez Diaz, Enrique
Martinez Montesa, Jose
Mejia Vallejo, Clara (MDM Arquitectos)
Mellado Vera, Carmen (Ombra arquitectos CB)
Miravete Martín, Francisco (Ombra arquitectos CB)
Monfort Salvador, Joaquín (Corell y Monfort Arquitectos)
Ochando Perales, Alicia
Ochando Perales, Carlos
Olba Rallo, Fernando
Orts Herrón, Marta
Paya Tenorio, Carlos (Domo Studio S.L.P.)
Peñin Ibáñez, Alberto (ALBERTO PEÑIN, S.L.)
Peñin Llobell, Alberto (ALBERTO PEÑIN, S.L.)
Peñin Llobell, Pablo (ALBERTO PEÑIN, S.L.)( Ombra arquitectos CB)
Pérez Botella, Juan de Dios
Prats Villagrasa, Francisco
Ranchal Padilla, Juan (Arquitectura Mediterránea Contemporánea)
Reig Martinez, Juan
Revert Pellicer, Francisco
Sanjuán García, Santiago
San Juan Rodríguez, Jose Manuel (San Juan Arquitectura, S.L.)
Sanz Martinez, Arturo (Inventario de Arquitectura SL)
Trullenque Juan, Carlos
Valero Sancho, Jesús