Works management

CGTécnica is proud of having at its disposal one of the most experienced teams of experts available in the field of works management, whether it be in the area of site management in order to ensure the proper execution of the work, or in taking charge of the complete and integrated management of the project. Drafting of projects. •  Analytical research and scheme desings. •  Works Projects. •  Interior Design Projects. •  Demolition Projects. •  Licensing Projects. Project Collaboration. •  Technical assessment. •  Quality evaluation. •  Economic appraisal. •  Analysis and evaluation of Projects. •   Preparation and elaboration of bill of quantities. Project supervisión. Health and Safety Report. Coordination of Health and Safety procedures during project and execution stages.   Quality control planning and monitoring. On-site management. Execution management. •  Supervision of work report. •  Financial supervisión and regulation. •  Supervision of planning. •  On site measurement monitoring. •  Settlement of work completion. •  Etc… Construction management. Project management. Reports and certificates. Valuations and appraisals. Technical inspections and certifícates of occupancy. Building Log Book.

Reforma y Acondicionamiento de la Nave Pesada, edificio 4F de la ETSICCP

Campus de Vera - UPV
100% Dirección de Ejecución de Obras
100% Estudio de Seguridad y Salud
100% Coordinación de Seguridad y Salud
Cliente: UPV
Proyectista: Juan de Dios Pérez Botella