Interior design

The success of our interior design service does not stem from our optimal space management, our lighting and color studies, the consistency between budget, materials and style, but from the comfort, the refined image and the quality of the atmosphere which we create to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Prior sketches. •  Studies to meet requirements. •  Functionality in accordance with intended use. Interior design project. •  Distribution, dimensions and surfaces. •  Elevations and sections. •  Façades. •  Lighting studies. •  Furnishings Schedule. •  Choice and details of finishes •  Door and window schedule. •  3D visualizations. • Etc.   Refurbishing Project. •  Design development drawings. •  Construction documents. •  Activity license. Works Management. •  License Management •  Construction Management •  Project management. •  On-site management. •  Safety and Health Coordination. Health and Safety Report Coordination of Health and Safety procedures during project and execution stages. Certificates of (second) occupancy management.

Obras de reforma de los quirófanos 1 y 2 del Consorci Hospitalari Provincial de Castelló

Avenida Doctor Clarà, 19
100% Proyecto básico y de Ejecución
100% Estudio de Seguridad y Salud
100% Construcción
Cliente: Consocio Hospitalario Provincial de Castellon
Proyectista: C+G Técnica